As our flight experience plane, the de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane was the primary RAF training aircraft during the Second World War. Pilots would then move on to either fighters such as the Spitfire and Hurricane or bombers such as the Lancaster and Wellington.

Come and fly with us and experience the thrill of open cockpit flying. Ideal for that special birthday or anniversary.

Our Tiger Moth flight experience immerses you into the thrill of wartime flying – the initial flight briefing, aircraft checks, ground control procedures, taxiing, take off and of course the flight and all important landing!

Your experience will cover the following:

  • Full appraisal and walk round of aircraft
  • Pre-flight briefing of the capabilities of the aircraft and the controls
  • A flight over the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside and various aerobatic manoeuvres in the aircraft which your pilot will thrill you with
  • Use of the instruments
  • Use of the intercom/radio
  • Post-flight debrief

1940s Themed Days

We can tailor a full day of flying, including full musical entertainment and hospitality to fit the needs of your guests.

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Flight Pack

Each flight comes with a special ‘flight pack’ and a certificate of thanks from the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund